I am a fashion designer and journalist based in Berlin, Germany. Through my love of sewing I aim to create perfect garments for my clients and mostly inspired by images, music, nature and the people I surround myself with. Simultaneously creating wearable but fashionable clothing is paramount to me, which each individual piece being made to order by the grace of my own hands. In addition to fashion, I’m passionate about writing, styling and photography, having started a fashion blog in 2012, worked on several photoshoots and gaining new experience through various internships.


  1. 2014 - present Fashion Journalism & Communications, AMD Berlin, Germany
  2. 2007 - 2012 Diploma in Fashion Design & Marketing, Fashion School Ebensee, Austria


  1. 2017 IVY & OAK, Marketing & Social Media, Berlin
  2. 2016 Marina Hoermanseder, Design Intern, Berlin
  3. 2016 Stylebook, Fashion Journalism Intern, Axel Springer, Berlin
  4. 2015 Workshop with Dipl. Des. Nils von Berg, Dean of Fashion Design, Berlin
  5. 2014 - present Made-to-measure jackets and coats for customers
  6. 2013 Design cooperation with Leder Leeb, Austria
  7. 2012 - present Blogger at www.lackofcolor.at